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پایگاه اطلاع رسانی استانداری خراسان جنوبی
The Province Business Scope The

South Khorasan, as the most eastern province of the country has about 331 kilometers shared boundaries with Afghanistan from the East (four feedback borders of Yazdan, MILL 73, MILL 78 and Dokohaneh are across this border); from the north it is bordered by the North Khorasan Province, from the west by Kerman and Yazd provinces and from the south by Sisatan and Baluchestan province. Specific trends in the service sector (shares over 40% of GDP and 3/33 percent of all workers in the province) , the extensive border with Afghanistan, little rainfall which causes the lower agriculture production justifies infrastructure development, and specific design and development of businesses in the region. This chapter describes the general state of infrastructure, macroeconomic indicators of Province, business plans, problems and deficiencies in the commercial sector and drawing favorable situation.

 Customs and Border markets

South Khorasan province with about 331 shared boundaries with Afghanistan and due to being located on Silk Road has always been considered as one of the important parts for merchandise exchanging. Iranian businessmen have always provided the basic needs of their surrounding neighbor's frontier especially for Afghanistan. One of the advantages of business in this province in compared with other provinces is Geopolitical neighborhood characteristic and the most shared boundaries with Afghanistan in addition to  four active feedback borders in the province and its stating on North - South - East corridor  to the west of the country.

     Feedback ­ Border as a very­ important leverages  in creating jobs, and expanding trade with neighboring countries has ­ continuously had a significant impact on economic activities in recent years.

Although their performance has some deficiencies, but ­ these feedback borders show the true and direct participation of the people in the economical affairs in the area and have  taken  step for developing the economic objectives such as the development of non-oil trade or as well as playing an important role in providing an employment opportunity ­in the absence of unemployment, which is of the government's big concerns.

Customs and Feedback borders of ­ province are as follows:

  Birjand Customs

Active procedures of Birjand ­Customs include trade, import and export of rice and certain cooperative activities of frontier people, export of saffron and other legal entities and goods and passengers smuggling units, and safe-deposit Box. 17 acres province's integrated Customs is  located in special economic zone  15 km far from Asdieh- Birjand road. Initiation of project operating started in July 2013 and the total credits required for the completion and operation of the project is estimated to be about  70 Billion Rials So far,  in spite of a 45 percent progress of the project  just 14 Billion Rials of estimated credit ­ and project costs has been allocated.

 Mahyrud Customs

Mahyrud Customs was adopted on the first trip of the president to South Khorasan province in November 2005) and became operational on April 2007 with the attendance of Iran and Afghanistan authorities. It was exploited on July 2009 by finalized exporting. This custom is active in two sections of feedback border and customhouse.

 Mahyrud Feedback Border (Milll 78)

This feedback border is located at a distance of 210 km from Birjand city and 145 km from Sarbisheh city and  officially has started to work since July 2003. Geographically it  is located  at a distance of 120 kilometers away from Farah province of Afghanistan. Cities neighboring the feedback border are: Kah Ghaleh, Kin, Jovain, Anar Dareh, Khak sefid, Chin ­ and the Bakwa ­, from which the nearest and farthest city of Farah  province are 80 and 250 kilometers away from the feedback border, respectively. Milll 78 feedback border replaced Milll 75 feedback border since  June 2003 coinciding with the start of Mahyrud custom activities. Active procedures ­ on Mahyrud custom include: Final exports,  oil derivatives export, temporary entry and travelers. Feedback border due to its being newly established has 9 Shelter for exhibitors, healthy water, electricity connection of the feedback border to the national power network, construction of Three niches for 13 trade booth that should be given more attention in order to enhance the features. Currently as an effort to improve  facilities, the main hall of the feedback border is complete and will be exploited by the relevant parts.

 Yazdan Feedback Border

Yazdan feedback border is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Hajiabad city, 164 km of Qaen, and 270 km of the center of the province, and it has started its activities since 1993 . The closest cities of Afghanistan to the border are:  Kalate Nazar at a distance of 2 km and the population of over 5,000 people, Harat, Shindand, Anar Dareh and­ Adraskan .

This Custom was a subdivisions of Do- Gharoon until 2005, but due to the division of Khorasan and Qaen adhesion to south khorasan, this feedback border was separated and become under the authority of Customs General Administration of South Khorasan Customs. Throughout the first visit of the President to the province ,Yazdan official border was approved and now just Yazdan feedback border is the active part of  Yazdan Border Areas and negotiations with Afghan party is in progress on making official Yazdan border  operational.

 This is the province most active feedback border, and in recent 5 years has been among the country's most active feedback borders. In terms of value of exports in the country it has always been second to fourth. But now, due not being recognized officially by Afghan government, it is faced with long-term closures by the Afghan nation.

 Dokuhaneh Feedback border

This feedback border was established in 1994 at a distance of 113 km from Nehbandan  and 305 kilometers from the province center. It  is linked to  three states of Afghanistan namely Nimroz, Farah and Harat at a distance of  150 km from Farah, and 400 km from ­ Harart.  ­ Ongoing  procedures of this feedback border includes finalized  export and import and returns.­ Main  exporting  items of this border are cement, tomato puree, profiles, candy, various plastic products, yarn, mats and clothing, and other items of merchandise. Also of importing items livestock as cattle, camel, and lamb worth mentioning.

 Gludareh Feedback border (Milll 73)

Feedback border of Milll 73 at a distance of 170 km from Birjand city and 75 km from the city of Asadieh and adjacent to Milll73 outpost in an area of 6 hectares started its activities since 1992  and was one of the most successful   feedback borders of ­Khorasan and the East of the country from the very beginning. Feedback border of Milll 73 is located 120 kilometers away from Anar Dareh city, 170 Km to the North- West of  Farah city and 170 km South-West of ­ Shindand,  Afghanistan.   The greater share of  exported goods from this feedback border is carried to Qandahar, Kabul and the central provinces of Afghanistan.

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