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پایگاه اطلاع رسانی استانداری خراسان جنوبی
Governor duties
In the eightieth session of the Supreme Administrative Council of 28.07.1377 on the proposal of the State Administrative and Employment Affairs and the Interior Ministry's implementation of the provisions of Clause 31 of the Second Economic, Social and Cultural Islamic Republic of Iran in order to fit with assigned responsibilities, powers of governors
Article 1 - governors realm of his mandate as High Representative government is responsible for implementing public policies in relation to ministries, government institutions and companies and other organizations which have a way of the use of public funds, institutions of the Islamic Revolution, the police, councils cities and municipalities, public institutions and NGOs will be undertaken.
Note 1: The armed forces within the framework of tasks that are related to security zones, will operate under the supervision of.
Note 2 as governor of the state against the president of the High Representative boards with the Minister responsible for carrying out the tasks and powers and responsibilities as the representative of the Ministry of Interior Ministry will be in charge of the province against the Minister responsible.
Article 2 The tasks of the selection of governors territory its mission is as follows.
1. The Governor is responsible for establishing and maintaining order and security in the province.
Note: The responsibilities of the National Security Council determines security standards.
2. The formation of regular guidance and supervision of Municipal Security Council meetings Brhsn implementation of its decisions.
Note 1: All the members of the Security Council and other organs of the provincial executive agencies are required to implement the resolutions of the Security Council and the orders of the governor's security and political security events and report to them. With those who violate the regulations will be treated.
Note 2: guidance, performance monitoring and security measures Security Councils cities governors and other executive agencies and local coordination bodies' readiness to maintain security.
3. predicting and preventing problems of security in the province and compiled to determine priorities and security policies and protection of all executive agencies to determine the functions and powers of the provinces within the framework of their legal obligations.
(4) provide for the implementation of projects and policies of public security and police, legal authorities, legislation, guidelines and notices of security.
5. approval of temporary or permanent establishment or liquidation ranks of the police throughout the province within the framework of the relevant rules and guidelines.
6. supervising the implementation of traffic rules and regulations, general duty passport.
7. prevent and deal with border issues, and monitoring borders and Planning Water and soil to prevent any kind of movement and unauthorized transactions within the framework of approved policy.
8. Determination of prohibited and restricted areas to accommodate the traffic and determine the authorized border crossing.
9. evaluate the proposed offering formal borders (land, air, sea) in the Interior Ministry.
10. Evaluation of common ground with the provinces of neighboring countries and the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding local partners within the framework of policies and general policies of the system.
11. planning, guidance and necessary coordination on counter-narcotics, weapons smuggling explosives, Commodities Inc.
12. Brhsn monitor the implementation of laws and regulations relating to the movement, residence, nationality, acquisition and other matters relating to national and foreign agencies, refugees, Mavdyn, immigrants and refugees.
13. arrange for the establishment and strengthening of Islamic Councils for full participation of people in participatory affairs and optimal organization of the above councils within the framework of monitoring and imposing relevant laws and regulations.
14. The Governor is responsible for establishing and directing councils of their responsibilities and comply with relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the decisions taken by these councils.
15. The City Council of absence (except in Tehran) Governor City Council will be replaced. In this mode, all functions of city councils in districts other than the obligation to make or cancel the effects of the adoption of the city as well as the type and extent of the governor is responsible.

17. monitor all of referendum and all elections shall be held by law.
18. studies and actions divisions.
19. Brhsn monitor matters relating to the registration process.
20. Creating an appropriate ground for the growth and promotion of cultural, political, economic and social ladies and coordination between relevant agencies and monitoring their activities.
21. provide appropriate areas for growth and development and the spread of education, sport, public health, higher education and research.
22. The preservation and protection of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and spread a culture of genuine Islamic values.
23. guidance and coordination in actions related to corruption prevention and social morality troops.
24. Providing areas of social justice and poverty alleviation.
25. coordination of measures and actions necessary to prevent, control and containment of crises resulting from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, ...
26. monitoring the affairs of veterans and families of martyrs.
27. Coordination and oversight to issues of employee welfare state and coordinate their welfare.
28. study examine the matters and employment in the province and provide necessary recommendations to the State Administrative and Employment Affairs Organization and other competent authorities.
29. Brhsn monitoring the implementation of rules and regulations.
30. The monitoring and inspection of almost all organs of the subject of this Act except those exempted by law be applied to all employees as well as care and bodies mentioned Drrftar.
31. Evaluation of managers based on the decisions and instructions of the competent authorities.
32. lay the groundwork for cooperation and coordination between the activities of government agencies, local organizations, institutions of the Islamic Revolution, local councils within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.
Control and supervision 33. The implementation of development programs (national, provincial) and if necessary, giving hints to Msdvlyn executive or with relevant ministries and agencies of handling far as possible defects.
34. monitoring and protection of natural resources and protecting the environment, optimal use of resources and potentials of the province.
35. The regional talents and determine the needs of the province and decision-making, coordination and guidance of planning and budgeting province focusing Bravlvyt within the framework of regional development policies and national development strategies.
36. Initiatives economic effects of the activities and services within the province and identify new revenue sources suggesting it to the competent authorities in order to implement regional development plans.
37. attempt to gain revenue sources required by the relevant laws in the province and in cooperation with relevant national agencies in this regard.
Vmrany production.
39. monitoring, coordinating and directing the affairs related to non-oil exports, cross-border transactions, commercial and industrial free zones specially protected areas and setting up border markets, according to relevant laws and regulations.
40. perform other duties as assigned Drastanha governor is appointed by the competent authorities.
Article 3 of governors approved the proposal of Minister of Interior and the Council of Ministers shall be appointed by order of the president.
Article 4 of governors dismissed the proposal of the Minister of Interior, the Minister confirmed the country's president.
Note: In case of resignation, dismissal, death or other duties which prevent governors, the head of the governor temporarily be determined by the Minister, the Minister of Interior shall propose to the Cabinet within one month of the new governor.
Article 5 proposed by the Governor and confirmed by the Minister installing Vzl governors of the country.
Article 6 Vzl installed district governor approved the proposal of the Governor and the Minister of the country.
Note: the Secretary's authority is delegated to governors is the subject of this article.
Article 7 In case of resignation, dismissal, death or other duties to prevent and district governors, the head of the governor or town shall be determined by the governor. Governors are obliged within one month to introduce new governor and mayor are acting normally.
Article 8 or higher installed Director General and administrative officials, national project managers, the highest authority of the Islamic Revolution institutions, police commanders and managers of areas areas in the province by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting ministers, or the highest authority in coordination with the Governor concerned for the be.
Note: If you installed between the governor and the minister or the highest authority of provincial administrators concerned about differences exist, in order to resolve the dispute, a delegation composed of the Interior Ministry, the Minister or the highest authority concerned to elect a president and a deputy president within a month formation and decision making will be.
Note 2: The change in provincial administrators dismissed by the minister or the highest authority concerned and inform the governor has done.
Article 9: All the general manager and the chief executive and the commander of the security forces in the province are required to place their absence to serve their Governor and his interim successor will be introduced to him.
Article 10 - The heads and supervisors in coordination with the city governor appointed under article 8.
Note 1: If the Governor and the Director General or the highest authority on the administrative installation of chiefs and city administrators have arisen, in order to resolve the dispute, a delegation consisting of the Governor as representative of the president, general manager or president of the organization concerned and the governor corresponding city and will make a decision.
Note 2: Uninstall or change presidents and heads of city departments authorized by the relevant authorities carried out with the knowledge of the governor.
Article 11 All heads of departments or the chief executive and commander of the city police districts are required to inform the governor of his presence at the site of their service and their temporary replacement to introduce him.

Article 13 governors can communicate directly with senior officials of the Islamic Republic and its mission to raise issues to the realm.
Article 14 - The governor must communicate through the Governors of the authorities referred to in Article 13.
One hundred and twenty seventh implementing Article 15 of the Constitution in order to lay the groundwork for the growth of regional progress and optimal administration of president and approved by the Cabinet approved if certain conditions are necessary to determine the governors as Special Representative of the president in which case decisions some ministers boards with their specific powers sentence will be the president's decision.
the executive.

and will reach the Supreme administrative Council.
Article 18: All the executive agencies are required to adopt the governor of organizational missions and actions taken and be aware of the latest guidelines and regulations and circulars issued.
Note: All councils, campaigns and community groups to coordinate tasks Drastanha executive is formed under the laws and regulations of governors will work.

Article 20 governors agreed in coordination with the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry can communicate with cultural centers and economies of other countries.
Note 1. The official and administrative communications with governors is appointed envoys and consuls province.
Note 2. The governorships of any connection with political centers of other countries in terms of their mission will be carried out by the competent authorities of the country.
Article 21 The implementation of decentralization policy and to accelerate the transfer administrative tasks to agencies, provincial departments, governors must, in addition coordination and cooperation with the Organization for Administrative and Employment Affairs to the realization of the above would provide as soon as possible.

The composition, functions, powers and operation of the Council on the regulations that will be prepared by the Organization for Administrative and Employment Affairs and the Interior Ministry Kshvrba cooperation will reach the Supreme Administrative Council.
Article 23 carrying out the formalities (reception, receptions and accompanied) of domestic and foreign senior officials officially visit the Province's governor is responsible.
Note: The Administrative Regulations mentioned in this article and the manner of carrying out the relevant formalities under proposed regulations that will be approved by the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministers.
Article 24 - All functions and powers that have been delegated the responsibility of governors, governors have the same duties and powers (power to bring the exception of paragraph 15 of Article 2 of this Act) to the city of their own mission.
Review: 1850
Update date: 2016/04/18
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